International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT)
A Globally Renowned Developer and Manufacturer for Banknote Counterfeit Detectors and Identification Devices

International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT) was founded 1980. At its inception, ICT was involved mainly in the development and production of large video game machines. After accumulating extensive experience, integrating expertise with advanced technology, the company has successfully entered into a new field of high-end design, and become a developer and manufacturer for the banknote acceptors and identification devices (for both bill and coin identification).


ICT specialized in the technology of banknote acceptance and counterfeit identification, and its whole product line is designed and manufactured in Taiwan. The products developed by our own Research and Development team have been marketed to dozens of countries globally, and applied widely in various systems of vending, gaming, amusement, ticketing and payment, ID verification and Kiosk machines. ICT’s excellent quality and services are highly recognized and trusted by our customers; our complete capacity in research and development has facilitated our products to be certified by ISO, UL and CE certifications, and to meet the strict American and European regulations. It demonstrates ICT’s diligence in striving for high standard quality assurance process.




Furthermore, ICT has built a network to integrate distributors in Europe, America and Asia, in order to meet requirements from our customers, to grasp the market dynamics and latest technology, to continue the R&D for outstanding products, and to offer the best service and excellent quality to the market. ICT products, with full functions and easy-to-use features, have won our customers’ trust and compliments worldwide with their high quality and simplicity. 


ICT has been committed to upgrading its own capability in R&D for more than 30 years, and has perfectly integrated the leading technology into our products. Because of this, we are able to provide even better and more innovative products, to facilitate our customers to win their leading market-share in the constant changing economic environment and fiercely competitive market, with ICT’s quality products.

Wide Range of Applications

Our products can be used in various systems of vending, gaming, amusement, ticketing and payment, ID verification and Kiosk machines.

Complete Product Line

We offer a complete product line covering the bill acceptor, coin acceptor, coin changer, combo acceptor, ID verifier, Mini Thermal Printer, card dispenser, note dispenser hopper, and other products.