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Renowned Manufacturer Uses ICT’s NV77 Bill Acceptor and Counterfeit Detector in Many Vending Machines in the Exhibit Areas of the 2011 Taipei International Flora Exposition.

2011-03-24 – Taipei, Taiwan


The “2011 Taipei International Flora Exposition” which has had over 6 million visitors so far, is the first official bid for Taiwan to obtain international credibility and to organize and hold an internationally recognized exposition. The 2011 Taipei International Flora Exposition has been in operation for almost 6 months, and it was expected to attract over 8 million people to visit. The worldwide leading pioneer in bill acceptor and counterfeit detector systems, the International Currency Technologies Corporation (ICT), was appointed by the Taiwan’s well-known vending machine manufacturer responsible for the installation of many vending machines in the Expo. These vending machines were equipped with the ICT’s latest product – the NV77 bill acceptor and counterfeit detector.


The NV77 bill acceptor and counterfeit detector is ICT's most advanced product. It is small and compact in volume but allows storage of up to 300 bills. Other than the fast acceptance speed and high acceptance rate of genuine bills, it also provides strong counterfeit recognition ability and anti-stringing functionality. This, in turn, enables the Flora Expo to provide high quality vending machine services for the public at all times.



In addition, the NV77 bill acceptor and counterfeit detector is equipped with multi-currency bill recognition ability which is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor automatic vending systems. Other than Taiwan, this product is also used by vending system manufacturers in many other countries, and has earned a reputation for quality and function.


As a renowned manufacturer for the all-purpose multi-currency, identification, receipt recognition and input/output system design, the International Currency Technologies Corporation (ICT) offers a complete product line which can satisfy the needs of all related industries in all countries. The customers of ICT are manufacturers of automatic vending systems, gaming systems, entertainment machines, ticket vending systems, identity recognition systems and interactive machines from different countries around the world. ICT is dedicated and committed to satisfy customer needs, combining the latest technology with market trends, and continuously researching and developing high quality products to provide customers with best quality services and products.