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ICT Leads Development in Optical Technology for Payment Solutions

2011-07-25-Taipei, Taiwan


Based in Taiwan, ICT provides a complete range of products to satisfy the needs of different countries for cash and cashless payment validations and transactions. Whether the application is in gaming, amusement, vending, kiosks, retail or transportation, ICT is able to provide the payment solutions to meet all requirements.


“We maintain the highest level of service and quality from local distribution to the entire group worldwide,” Richard Yang, manager of the product department, told InterGame. “ICT strives to satisfy the specialised requirements of its customers and launch new products through R&D efforts with a close tab on the market pulse.” The company is headquartered in Taipei, with sales offices and distribution facilities worldwide.


Talking about current technologies in the sector, Yang said: “One of the key things is the compact design of all kinds of system to force the payment solution providers to develop compact devices and/or combine dual/multiple devices into one single solution such as ICT’s bill recycler, coin changer and BA/CA combo.


“Also important is the fact that broadly-used pre-paid and credit card readers are adopted or combined into the traditional note/coin validators and that optical anti-stringing technology is mature and well adopted into the payment solutions.”


He added that developers need to provide increasing flexibility of payment methods for users. “Operators will benefit from the convenience of the payment solutions and at the same time increase the profit and revenue in the unattended payment business.”


Yang notes that key developments in the progress of payment solutions have been optical technology for recognition from LED-based to CIS, and the note centering mechanism. The main difficulties faced when developing new products are extendibility and the possibility of change of currencies and applications.

“We have a wider range of product lines than our competitors,’ said Yang. “Our best-selling products are the power-saving bill validator for outdoor vending machines and gaming bill validators. Our latest products are the BA/CA combo, compact bill validator for slim types of vending machine, bill recycler (bill validator plus bill dispenser) and coin changer (coin validator plus coin sorter plus coin dispenser).”


In coming times he believes that advanced optical technology such as CIS will be adopted into payment products to improve the recognition quality. “It will be a lot easier to recognize and reject the counterfeit note and increase the acceptance rate. In addition, modern communication technology such as GPRS/3G/4G/WiFi is likely to be adopted to help to manage payment products.”


Source: InterGame July 2011. P.60