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International Currency Technologies has been involved in payment solutions for nearly three decades now


2012-07-20 Taipei, Taiwan

The company produced its first magnetic recognition note valuator in 1984, followed by an optical recognition note validator in 1988. Four years later came the multi –colour optical recognition validator, followed in 2004 by the company’s first coin validator. Note centralisation came in three years ago and then ICT produced its first note recycler in 2010.

The company says that the sector is now concentrating on note and coin recycling, multi -note feeding and dispensing and combo solutions. It says that multi -function solutions reduce the number of devices installed in order to fulfill the need of the trend for compact unattended payment systems.

“Recycling is the key development in recent years; it is device saving, space saving and also reduces the risk of storing too much cash in the systems.”

The sector’s main difficulty is the wide variety of banknotes/coins around the world and their different applications, interfaces, size limitations and installations. “It’s difficult to fulfill all demands in one single machine,” says ICT.

“We have the most complete product lines in this industry. In addition to the already-renowned, stable quality, ICT could be the only company which is able to provide one-stop shopping for all customers.”

The company’s best-selling product is the L-series bill acceptor (note validator), which is broadly used in amusement and gaming applications. The latest product is a bill/coin combo acceptor (note/coin validator), which is the first such device invented in the world.

So how does ICT see the future? “We will see more and more products equipped with non-cash validating solutions, such as credit card, RFID and NFC.”





Quelle: InterGame 07-2012