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ICT showcases its payment solutions at BDV Vending Congress


With the great ambition to German market, ICT attended BDV Vending Congress, an important annual event gathering many players of German vending industry, in Fulda, Germany on September 18 and 19 to showcase its reliable payment solutions for vending industry.

One major issue for ICT is the debut of its latest concept product – Data Audit Box (DAB), an advanced multi-function data audit system for vending machine. DAB can be easily installed in most vending machines for data download as well as upgrade with USB driver. Optional 3G module (coming soon) also provides wireless connection to remotely download/upgrade firmware, audit data, and monitor device. Its high convenience and powerful functions can fully satisfy vending industry’s needs for easy and reliable vending machine management.

In addition to DAB, ICT also showcased other important units, including bill validator – XBA, coin changer – CC6100, and ID verifier – DCM5. This successful presence not only generated many positive repercussions for ICT, but also established a tighter combination between ICT and German vending market.

“Developing Germany vending market is absolutely a key tactic for ICT’s business expansion in Europe,” said Leo Chang, managing director at ICT Europe, “BDV Vending Congress provides us a great opportunity to present our products and meet more opportunities through networking. We expect that these achievements can help us to develop German market better, and we are confident that we can continually offer more payment solutions fitting local vending industry’s needs.”